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TGIF & Finish Up with BJ’s

So it was a TGIF kinda Friday afternoon.  If the F stands for Flat Beer. @TGIFridays, you need to clean your taps or something but your Bud Light Draughts are flat.

We were driving home from the old man’s work when we decided to end the Friday with a drink or two.  Fortunately, the Block is on our way home and he asked the question, “TGIFridays or BJ’s?”  We were in the right lane and TGIFridays was on the right so I said to go there.  And how I regret it.

Their happy hour specials include a 20 oz. glass of domestic draught so we got Bud Light, which is not typically what we drink but should come as no surprise to regular readers how it always goes back to the Budweiser.  Plus it was cheap and you know how the old man is.

But I guess that the name TGIF stands for Thank God For Flat Beers because that is what we got.  I have been encountering this a lot in the different bars I frequent…flat beer.  There’s nothing worse.  It’s nasty.  I don’t know what causes it but the beers were perfectly chilled at TGIF so it can’t be the temperature they keep their kegs at.  What causes flat beer?  That is the question to solve.  It’s not like you can tell the bartender, “Hey, your beer is flat.”  You will get blank stares.  “So…do you want something else?”  “No, I want what’s on fucking special and I don’t want it to be flat when you serve it.”  That’s how my conversation would go if I had nuts to back up my talk…but I don’t so I will continue to talk shit on bars that serve flat beer until they get the hint that maybe they are not that crowded because they serve inferior product to their customers.  So there, @TGIFridays!

To my great delight, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery was right across the parking lot so we drove around to celebrate 4:20 and then we headed into @BJsRestaurants nicely toasted.  Their house beers are on special for happy hour so we both had a Jeremiah Red that was malty and delicious.  It was a nice red color too.

We sat at the bar and the bartenders were really attentive and kept asking us if we wanted to try appetizers or anything that was on special for #happyhour.  Since it was close to dinner, we split a mini pizza that ended up being half price for happy hour and an order of fried artichokes with a garlic lemon aioli that was very flavorful and mouthwatering.  It had a lot of lemon taste which went well with the artichoke hearts.

Another Jeremiah Red was in our future so we ordered another round.  Hell yeah for #happyhour!  I went over the list of house beers that BJ’s has and the Red seemed to be the best tasting, highest alcohol content offering they have.  At least for my tastes.  I’m sure there are dissenting opinions on that subject and I am eager to try the other beers to qualify my statements.  The Jeremiah Red weighs in at 7.3% ABV and I could feel it as I was finishing my last beer.

We jammed out of there and hit 7-11 on the way home for the drinking continuity.  We got an 18 pack of PBR that lasted us well into the night.  We were drunk off our asses by 10:00.  Punk Fucking Rock.

A night of PBR bought us to watch Meatballs, a coming of age summer camp story from 1979.  It was freakin awesome.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. It was well-enjoyed with a side of @PabstBlueRibbon.  As Sean pointed out, my generations coming of age movie is Stand By Me.  Meatballs outdates me by about 5 years.  Too bad.  But at least I saw it, that is to say…I’ve seen it.

So the night came to an end.  I watched the first episode of The People Vs. OJ Simpson with On Demand so hopefully I can catch up with real time episodes.  It was fun.  Killing your ex wife and her friend is funny.  We live in a world where it “Just Doesn’t Matter!”