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Burritos, Booze, and Bullying at the Taco Guild

The Taco Guild is a well-known gastropub in Phoenix, AZ.  It is housed in a building that used to be a church and since 2012, no God could be found there.  Except the God of great taste and smooth drinks, that is.  I wonder what that God’s name would be?  Mail your suggestions to: sleonard23@gmail.com and I will laugh all night!


Outside the Taco Guild


We were a group of six asking for seats at 7:15 pm on Thursday.  The place was packed, as we could see from the outside, and there would be a 20 minute wait.  We mozied on up to the bar and ordered beers all around!


Check out the heads on those things! (that’s what she said)


The drink menu was incredible!  They had about fifty different kinds of tequila and a handful of drinks you could have made with it.  Since I had been drinking at the Comic Con all day and i’m not into barfing, I didn’t try any tequila this time.  But I had a wonderful IPA called Mother Road Tower Station and Sean tried a Lumberyard Red Ale, both were crafted in Flagstaff.


The bar at Taco Guild


After the first round, came the second!  I tried a Pilsner and Sean stuck with the Red Ale.  Pilsner was also the choice drink for Babra, Ck, & Wade but Carie went with a Blonde Ale.  The craft brews were satisfying and not flat.  It’s just a thing I have about flat beers.  A lot of places have flat taps and they either don’t know or don’t give a shit.  But Taco Guild is a respectable kind of place that wouldn’t think of serving flat booze.


Drunk and getting drunker


Finally, we got seated at a table and settled into the menu.  Spoiler alert!  I ordered a burrito instead of taco’s and I got a shit load of fun harassment from my friend, Ck.  If you even care to read about it, here is the link to the page I wrote that night in the hotel room just to be a dumbass.  Burrito @ The Taco Guild

The food menu is only two pages but every choice is mouth-watering.  They have veggie burritos and veggie tacos for vegetarians and I loved that.


First menu page at the Taco Guild

Needless to say, I enjoyed my burrito and the time I got to spend with my friends.  The Taco Guild rules and I will definitely be back here next year when we invade Phoenix for the Con again.