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I Am An Arrogant Bastard

Tonight, on this the 3rd of January in the year of our lord 2016, I was given the privilege of downing not one, but two glorious bottles of @StoneBrewingCo #ArrogantBastardAle.  One was regular style and the second one we drank was of the Oaked variety.  They went down smooth as hell.  What you are looking for in a strong beer.  Sean tasted a little hint of banana peel in the ABA.  Both of the bottles were from the gifting hands of Heather and @paulminick for Christmas.  They were well enjoyed!

@brewbroadblog loves cleaning out the fridge.  We had a 24 oz. bottle of #DubbelAle from @Allagashbrewing in Portland, Maine.  Our friend has been to the Allagash brewery in his travels so we hold it dear to our hearts.  The Allagash was the first place prize from the Halloween Costume Contest that Sean had won with his frog-riding elf man get-up.  It was perfect to follow the harsh flavors of the Stone Arrogant Bastard.  It tasted like a mellow, brown beer with hints of smokiness that I could detect.

Here is a family shot to celebrate all that we have in the new year.  I’m the one with the mustache.

I finished up with Bud, of course, as per usual.  This is a bud, am I drinking it or smoking it?  Maybe a little bit of both.

That’s all I have to report for the night.  Keep drinking beer and other stuff.  Do drugs if you want.  Have a good time all the time.  Because you won’t get nothing when you die.