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Phantom Ales

Phantom Ales & Homebrew Shop has undergone a lot of changes since I’ve been there last, which, I admit, is quite some time.  However, I am happy with their current arrangement.

On their Twitter page, they identify as: “Brewery,  Winery,  Cidery, and Restaurant.  What more could you possibly want?”  They don’t lie, they are all these things and they do them well.


So I got a 5% Kona Coffee Lager that tasted just like alcoholic iced coffee except it was delicious!  The coffee notes were very stong and there was a somewhat bitter aftertaste.  But I enjoyed every sip so much, I had two.  The old man and Carie both got the Belgian Dubbel.  It is a brown beer that is tasty and mellow but weighs in with a not-too-shabby 7.5%.  Sean drank two but Carie stuck with one because she ordered bacon fries from the kitchen and they were so huge, it took her a while to finish them.  I was jealous of Ck’s choice after I sampled it.  He got the 13% Sour Cherry Mead.  It was not too sour, just the right amount, with some great sweetness in there for good measure.  Ck also ordered the deep fried hotdog and it was towering with toppings.  He couldn’t even finish it.  So I was really impressed with the food from their kitchen.  They even have a grilled cheese sandwich that is vegetarian-friendly.


Here’s a picture of the tap room @PhantomAles.  That’s the old man with his middle finger salute to everyone who see’s this picture.  Nice of him, huh?

Phantom is a great, small brewery that offers a wide variety of alcoholic treats to sample.  If you get hungry, then order from the kitchen.  They bring it out to you so there is no need to go outside to a food truck.  Enjoy your beers and eat at the same time!  I like Phantom when Bottle Logic is too crowded and that’s usually the time when I go visit them.  Other folks in the taproom were also there on Sunday seeking shelter from the madness of BL and the commencement of the #weekoflogic.

I’ll be back here for sure.  Their menu is always changing and I like that a lot.  It’s a chance to sample some beers or ciders you would never normally get to try.  If I homebrewed, I would be in heaven that there is a homebrew supply shop so close to me in #Anaheim.