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Asylum Brewing

It was hot as balls in Anaheim.  The Old Man informed me that it’s not even considered a “heat wave” because the temps have to get past 100f.  So while the fake forecasters tell you it’s technically not a heat wave even though you are melting, you can rest assured that it is indeed, as hot as balls.  I consider hot as balls to be 90 and above.  On the Friday night I went to Asylum Brewing Company it was a good 93 at 8:00 at night.  Disgusting.


There is a tent outside the entrance and meaty tacos were cooking underneath it so it was even hotter going in.  But once you get inside, the air conditioning is magic.  It improved my whole mood.  All of a sudden I didn’t care about the crowd and the childrens running around or the wanna-be heat wave.  I was just elated to be comfortable.

We checked out the menu board and this is what we saw:


So many taps, so little selection

Only 4 out of 5 beers were available.  Fair Weather Friend, a West Coast Pale Ale with a 4.7% ABV, was sold out.  That was great for them.  But it reduced the selection by 20%.  Don’t check my math or anything but the cold hard fact is that there were only 4 beers to choose from.  This seems like it would be typical of a newly-opened, small brewery but I have seen smaller breweries with more choices.  But they are a very tiny operation in their infancy.  Brewing and tasting out of the same small space makes for close company.  Hopefully they will expand into a larger building.

It’s a good thing they weren’t sold out of Monsters We Breed, which was billed as a dank IPA with a 7.5% ABV.  I saw “dank” and I had to have it.  It was tasty and cold but not very “danky.”  I figured they meant “especially hoppy” when they described it as “dank” but it wasn’t really too bitter.  It had a kick though and I drank mine right up.  The Old Man decided on a 6.5% Harlequin Honey Blonde.

There is cool wall art in the entrance hall and in the tasting room area.  I saw on Asylum Brewing Company that the artist of these 3 beautiful paintings is a local named Nathan Houtz.  Not sure where credit goes for the 4 geometric prints but they’re outstanding.



Like all smart breweries, Asylum is trying to brand you with their selection of merchandise.  They have shirts for $15, hats for $25, and pint glasses at $7 for sale.


@AsylumBrewing is in a great location.  Steps away from Hoparazzi Brewing and sharing a parking lot that is across the street from Bottle Logic, this place is in the center of the action on Lager Palma Brewlouvard.  That would explain why they were so crowded.  And I’m sure their excellent a/c system kept it crowded.

There is a shelf full of games and it seemed like every table had one going on.  We chose to play Spot It!  A game meant for 4th graders and drunks.  It was a blast because we didn’t keep score.  That ended up being in my inebriated favor.


What is the matching symbol in common?  Wrong!

I wished I could’ve spent all night inside the cold cave of Asylum.  I was ready to check myself in.  They are open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  Those are some of the latest hours I’ve seen a brewery open until.  I’m sure they get people coming and going all night.

But we had already tried the two beers on the menu that seemed best suited for our tastes.  Neither of us really likes an Imperial Stout that much and the Rorschach was too…coffee for me, at least.  So our #datenight came to an end.

I’m gonna keep my eye on Asylum Brewing because I liked what little of their menu selections I tried.  If they can add some more options, I will definitely be back in.  It would be great to see them expand and add more space to the brewing and tasting room areas.  I wish them the best of luck.  Drink well & remember to tip your bartender.



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La Quinta Brewing Co.

I found myself in the desert last week, in the Palm Springs area to be more specific.  It was #NationalBeerDay and grey clouds rested above, making the normally hot weather more hospitable.  News on the radio kept referring to thunderstorms all over the valley but the rain was only happening everywhere I wasn’t.  All the signs pointed to yes, a good beer was in order.

A quick search popped up with the @LaQuintaBrewing taproom that is located on Wildcat in an industrial park.  From where I was, the drive took ten minutes and soon I was finding


parking in the small lot.  It was easy to see from the street with big signs outside.  Aside from the brewery, there wasn’t much action happening in the adjacent buildings.

The brewery is medium sized and well-lit with the menu board up on the side wall and the taps behind the bar on the far wall.  Here is a picture of the different offerings you can try with all the necessary information you need to choose your #brew.


I decided to have the Indian Canyon American IPA.  I liked the ABV, which was 7%, and the IBU’s, which were 80.  It seemed to be a good choice and I wasn’t let down.  It was a nice golden color and tasted crisp and hoppy with a slight bitterness that said, “Hey, i’m an IPA and don’t you forget it!”  Sean had something lighter, the Heatwave Amber Ale.  It was 5.9% so it was not weak, just lighter.  But not in color; it was a reddish brown that prepares your taste buds for the mellow flavor.  It’s a great-tasting Core beer.

La Quinta Brewing Co. is in an industrial area as I mentioned before which makes it a great location for live music.  I peeped around the parking lot in the back of the building and it was open enough for a band to play as well as for a pit to stir it up.  Depending on the band, of course!  Since La Quinta is surrounded by businesses, the view from the windows leave something to be desired.  It’s just blocky buildings with reflective coatings on the windows.  But if the beer is as good as these look and it’s in front of you, your view is just fine.  At least now you will know whom to call when you need Hydro-Scaping, right?



La Quinta is dog-friendly but someone needs to tell that to the dogs.  There was almost a dog fight between two of them with lots of barking, teeth-baring, and low growling.  The brewtender quickly jumped out from behind the bar to help break them up, but the fight was over as soon as one of the dogs left.  It was done as swiftly as it had begun.

I didn’t stay long at the brewery but I easily could’ve had another round or two.  I wanted to try the double IPA called Sandstorm but I also didn’t want to spend the whole day in one place.  I was disguised as a tourist for the week so I wanted to do as much as I could fit into my schedule.  So I bid La Quinta au revoir and set off to have more adventures.

If you’re ever in the Palm Desert and surrounding areas, La Quinta is a cool brewery to hit up.  They have reasonable prices, $5 & $6 for 16 oz beers, and they sell all kinds of merchandise from tee-shirts to tap handles.  Their selection is wide open and should satisfy any type of beer drinker.  I’m not in the desert that often but when I come back I will go out of my way to visit this brewery.  I’ll be passing through on the 10 freeway this June on my way to the Phoenix Comic-Con and a refreshing, cold pint would be better than a date shake any day of the week.  Consider me hooked on La Quinta Brewing Co.