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#winning is not everything…what?

Another #GameNight has come and gone.  We had it on a Wednesday this week because Ck has to fly to Fort Lauderdale for work Thursday morning at 6:30.  I hope he enjoys that overcast and humid 80 degree weather they’re having there in Florida.

We started out with Becks for Sean & I and Heinekens for Ck & Carie.  We had dinner, Carie made cheeseburgers with Morningstar Farms Grillers for us with chips on the side.  She spoils us too much.  Ck is a lucky man.

Throughout the night, I just kept drinking more and more Becks.  Actually, everyone kept drinking more and more.  Becks and Heinekens were being had by all.  Pretty soon, we were all 3 sheets and loving it.


So this round, we played the Conan Munchkin set with the Munchkin #4 expansion, Need For Steed, mixed in.  It was a ton of fun.  Except I didn’t win.  I came so damn close.  It’s been months since I’ve gotten a taste of the high life and I could’ve used it last night.

          +                =          

So much for the adage that #winning isn’t everything.  Whoever said that is a loser.  I said that tonight and I lost.  See what can happen to you?  It is a scientific fact that the more I am losing in Munchkin, the more I will drink in beer.  So i’m actually do the economy a favor.

But, hey, on the brighter side…it’s fun and good to drink beers all the time wherever you go and whatever you do.  Instead of an iced tea, get a Blue Moon on draft.  As long as it’s not flat, it’ll cure whatever ails ya.  Just make sure they put that god damned orange slice on your beer!