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Coachella Valley Brewing Co.

Coachella Valley Brewing is a Southern California desert gem.  Set back in an industrial area of Thousand Palms, it boasts a huge seating area and a list of craft beers to make you giggle in delight, like a little girl.  The location is easy to find and Google Maps even says there is a medical mj clinic nearby…I looked, but I didn’t see any green crosses on windows.

I was impressed when I walked in at the size of the place, it’s spacious and looks like somewhere  you want to be to have a good time.  The menu board is prominently displayed up on the back wall behind the bar.


It was #NationalBeerDay and CVB was offering $1.00 off pints that day because of this.  That was really cool to find out, as price is almost always a factor when determining what I want to get drunk on.  Their prices are reasonable to begin with and then to take a buck off the top?  That’s just plain nice of them.

I was in the mood for a light but flavorful beer and when I saw the name of it, I knew instantly that it would be the first brew I tried.  It was called Kolschella, it’s a hybrid beer


that is cold fermented like a lager is.  It was yeasty tasting at first and it was cloudy in appearance.  It’s got a low ABV at 4.7%.  But I loved it!  Sean opted to try the Phoenix Lager, which was made with locally grown dates from Hadley’s Dates and was a respectable 5.5%.

But then there came to be a problem.  Sean was not fond of his selection.  He asked to try mine, hoping it would please his taste buds and maybe we could share but to no avail.  Sean disliked mine as much as he did his.  This brewery visit was over.

Usually this doesn’t happen.  The old man loves beer just like I love beer!  We came to like beer together and we love trying new flavors at different breweries when we travel.  When we first drove up, we saw the red composting bins that CVB has outside for people to take


as needed.  We were both wowed by that and thought, for sure, we will love it at CVB.  But it was not meant to be here.  We chatted a bit but mostly we both finished our beers so we could continue drinking somewhere else.

It’s just a short drive from CVB in Thousand Palms over to Palm Springs to our hotel.  We stayed at a quiet place conveniently located close to a 7-11.  So Sean walked over and got us beer for the night.  Granted it wasn’t a smooth-tasting #craftbeer….it was Budweiser, I will admit.  But it got the job done and we could both agree on the flavor.

I don’t know if we’ll ever come back to CVB.  I had a great experience there but it was the opposite for my old man and I’ve got to respect his opinions.  But I would encourage people to get out there, get to those small breweries with odd hours but wonderful libations.  You’ll find your thrill, blueberry hill.