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A Royal Death, a Royal Birthday, and a Royal Drunk

Today we lost Prince, and I mourn. RIP 1958-2016.

However, today we also gained a Queen.  Not some ancient bag who presides over the

“God Save The Queen..We Mean It, Man”

islands of the UK who is happening to be celebrating her 90th birthday, but none other than…me!  Tonight I became the Queen Champion of Munchkin for 3 weeks in a row!  #Winning is everything!  Put a crown on me, please!


Crown me the queen of all that is drunk!



This particular game night found the four of us playing Munchkin Booty mixed with the Jump The Shark expansion number 2.


I had decided earlier that my goal for the night would be to use the accent I am given.  In Booty, you have “Accents” instead of “Race.”  So I promised myself that I would use my accent to really get into the game.  I also told Sean on the way over to CK & Carie’s house that I planned on helping him win.  I felt kinda bad that he gets attacked all the time and never wins because of it.  I wanted to Stand By My Man. Thanks, Tammy Wynette for the reminder!

At first, Ck came out fighting with 2 “Go Up A Level” cards while Sean and I only had one

each of those.  So we all ended up out of level 1, except for Carie, by the time we took our first turns.

I ended up being a British Navy guy so the whole night, I tied hard to keep my accent up.  “Ahoy, then matey…”  just goes so far any innumerable amount of times.  I broke my promise and I started talking all regular, you know, with no accent whatsoever.  So I guess I was more of an American Navy guy.  With no discernable accent, that is!

I helped Sean all I could to get ahead of Ck, but then the old man bit back.  He attacked me with a monster I couldn’t beat without help, that I got from Carie, but my days of helping out the old man…over!   I found myself on Level 9 along with Ck, and thanks to pure luck, he didn’t go up a level when it was his turn leaving me wide open to take the lead.

And take the lead I did.  I pulled a Level 15 monster as I was breaking down the door and all three of them came at me with the best they had but I was winning by too much of a margin to make a difference.  I think I ultimately won by 2 after the back-stabbers were done.  And that’s nothing to sneeze at.  Seriously, don’t sneeze right now.

So I won for the third time in a row.  Munchkin winners seem to happen in cycles.

Before I was the reigning champion, Carie was.  Before that, it jumped between all 4 of us.  We all just know the game very well.  When someone wins, every other player comes totally close and by the end of most games, we are all at Levels 8 & 9.  We all need a challenge. Any takers?

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Fuck You, Hillary Clinton. Love, LG

It was a Thursday show, so we didn’t expect much.  But the Five Star Bar in downtown Los Angeles proved to be a place of punk rock raucous sounds come to life.  @fivestarbardtla knows how to host a show.

The old man and I got there almost ahead of everyone else.  Nick got there first and he and Joe were watching the Kings game at a hotel bar nearby.  We checked it out on the inside and did our bathroom duties (hee hee, dooties).  We had been drinking previously and the bathroom break was truly needed.  We said hello to our friend Mikey from Bad Ass.  Bad Ass has been on hiatus due to the pregnancy of two of their members but they are definitely back and ready to play.  I can’t wait for a #ChuyPolukaAndTheBarRoomJunkies show with Bad Ass.

It was hot and crowded inside and we didn’t want to pay for beer so Sean and I went out to the parking lot and sat in the car and drank beer after beer.  It was a solid 5% Budweiser we were downing.  Nutin’ fancy, just Bud.  And buds.  Look at our friends who wear the logo of Bud with pride.

As we sat in the parking lot, Antonio came and went inside.  Larry came and talked to us for five minutes and then went inside.  Luckily, Nick and Joe found us and we hung out with them for a while instead of being antisocial in the car.  Nick and Joe have been around LG forever.  Here is a picture of them that is probably 15 years old.

Nick is the one that is dressed like a nun who is attacking Ed’s balls and Joe is to the left of Rev. Sean.  As I was searching for this photo, I happened upon another photo, equally as funny.

Ed, need i say more

This is Ed. The original guitar player of Litmus Green.  He didn’t show up tonight.  I guess he doesn’t care about his prodigy.  I guess all he cares about is Star Wars.  He’s being all serious and probably thinking about computers.

So Nick sat on his Orange cabinets and plucked the bass as Sean practiced “Bill’s on TV again” out in the parking lot.  Nick had just picked up the new shirts so we went through them and laughed at how funny they were.  How can you go wrong with a “Fuck You, Hillary Clinton” shirt with the goofiest picture ever of her and a hand flipping her off.   I predicted they would sell a ton, but the liberal bastards that attend punk shows aren’t into cursing their queen, Hillary.  So they sold none.  But there will come a day…

Come 10:15, the crowd were calling for Litmus Green.  Half of the band was inside already but the other half was out in the parking lot, pregaming.  I was among them.  We all went inside and Joe carried the huge box of tee shirts in.  All of a sudden, it was just Joe and I looking for somewhere to set up the merch.  We had to ask one of the bands, Union 13, if we could use some of their table space.  Thankfully, they were down.  We set up the two shirt designs and the patches then we just stood there waiting for the buyers.  Hmmm…where were the buyers?

Litmus Green played and they owned that shitty bar.  A huge audience gathered to watch and a pit formed half way through their set that was wild.  Rev. Sean kept dedicating songs to the “homophobic, racist assholes in/aiming for/and previously in the White House.”  And Joe Biden is “public enemy number one.”   Sean just wants to remind everyone not to vote.

They played almost all political songs.  Totally appropriate for the current climate.  The crowd loved it.  They danced and cheered like crazy.  When it was time for the last song, the pit swelled to great numbers and you could feel the energy it created coming off the crowd.  Ah, magical!  Haha.

So, of course, we all needed fresh air after LG played and so we all eventually made it back out to the parking lot.  I had to pee behind a car but it was better than waiting for the single toilet in the Five Star.  How can a bar have only one toilet for girls?

We hung out late into the night.  Larry left.  Nick and Melissa and Joe left.  Sal and his girlfriend left.  We were just about sober before we left.

The freeway was closed on the way home and our detour was also blocked off.  We eventually found our way on another freeway and landed home. I continued to drink while the old man went to bed.  And here is the result of my efforts.  Enjoy!




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Drunk Like A Pirate

Location: Phoenix Club in #Anaheim

Date: January 23rd, 2016

Occasion: Pirate Ball

Pirate Ball: come one, come all!  Last Saturday was the 2nd Annual Piratenball at the Phoenix Club.  I was lucky enough to hear about it ahead of time so we all planned and dressed up and pre-gamed beforehand and then we set ourselves loose on the Ball!

That day also happened to be the very day my sister-in-law, one Miss Olivia Noel, was celebrating her birthday.  A lady never reveals her true age so I don’t know how old she actually turned but i’m sure it’s around 21.  So we all got together at Heather and Paul’s place to have beer and snacks and cake for her birthday, that was a blast.

There was a great selection of beers in the fridge but what did I grab?  A Bud.  That’s right…I’ll stick to my 5% Bud, tried and true.  Ha.  We were there about 2 hours and I had 3 beers.  Everybody except me had shots of Catch Fire, with the excuse that I had been recovering from a case of bronchitis that won’t go away.  I didn’t want to get too drunk ahead of time because I was ready to go all night long.  Catch Fire is the best tasting alternative to FireBall.  It is not as sweet and goes down smoother.  We started out years ago with the FireBall standard and now we all happily enjoy Catch Fire for our Pirate Shots.  Don’t get me wrong, i’ll still drink FireBall any day of the week but I prefer Catch Fire.  If I drank shots at home, it would be Catch Fire shots.  Even though there is half a bottle of FireBall in my freezer.  I’m such a contradiction.

At the Pirate Ball, I traded up for some of the Phoenix Club’s generic Oktoberfest beer.  Damn, it was so good!  Like I mentioned before, I had been sick and I hadn’t been drinking so that fine beer went down like a dyke at a girl scouts meeting.  Gross, btw.  That was the best I could do.  Sorry.

Sean had Kostriker and that was dark and hearty.  I drank a Bitburger for my last beer.  I got so drunk that by 9:00, I was on the dance floor with all the other Pirates.  Sean and I only danced for one song but it was incredibly romantic (queue violins, release the doves).  We never dance because I am hardly ever that inebriated where there is an opportunity.  I’m one of those people that dances at weddings like a fool until I get out of breath, which only takes about 2 minutes.

We ended up finishing our beers and going out to the car to get another oxygen for me.  It seemed like we were gone only 5 minutes but by the time we got back, mostly everyone had left.  We ran into Olivia and Mat and they were on their way out as we were just coming back in.  So, oh well.  We were home safe by 10:30, where we had a couple more beers and then went off to sleepy time.  And I didn’t even wake up hungover the next day!  That’s a good moral.



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I Won Star Munchkin the Double-B Way

The Double-B Way, you ask.  It sounds like an old timey western saloon.  But it means the Becks, Budweiser way.  Which seems to be the combination for an outstanding win of Star Munchkin. #munchkinandbeer #drunkmunchkining



So Wednesday night, Sean and I got together with Ck & Carie,  all three of them better known as:  #barroomjunies  We were all excited to be doing our game night again since we had taken a couple of weeks off for the holiday season.  And the holidays brought a slew of new Munchkin games to try out in the coming months.  I can’t wait!

We started out with a 12 pack of Beck’s.  German quality?  Is it made in Germany?  I don’t know.  I don’t really care.  As long as it gets me drunk.  It tastes pretty decent, too.

Between the four of us, the 12 pack was gone pretty quickly.  Out of necessity, we switched to Budweiser.  It was the same old, water-tasting, 5% Budweiser that i’m used to at home.  But damn, did we pound those things!  Cheap beer is easy to guzzle.  Go #cheapbeer!

I got drunk, Sean got drunk, Ck got drunk, Carie got maybe buzzed (she didn’t drink much).  We all had an awesome time.  We made plans to check out the new @HoparrazziBrewingCo on the 17th.  We also made plans for the Pirate Fest at the Anaheim Phoenix Club on the 23rd  I know we will have a great time at that because we get to dress up in our pirate gear and get drunk right down the street from my house.  Instead of going 45 minutes to the Renaissance Faire, paying $8.50 for one beer, getting almost drunk on those $8.50 beers, and then having to drive another 45 minutes home.  Much better!

Well, another drunk game night under my belt.  #Winning with the double-B’s!  That makes it seem like i’m promoting my breast size, which I am certainly not doing.  Get your drunk mind out of the gutter.


Beers I drink

Doll Hut is boss

So THE World Famous Doll Hut in Anaheim, which can be found on Facebook as, formerly known as Linda’s World Famous Doll Hut in Anaheim, was the site of tonight’s drinking extravaganza.  It was the Doll Hut’s 2nd year anniversary of being owned by this really nice guy, Mac.

For some reason, he sometimes let’s my boyfriends’ band play there and tonight was no exception.  Litmus Fucking Green @litmusgreen #OCpunkrock

Here’s a shot of a rare Litmus Green 7 inch that came out before you were born.

Also, DMFuckingF #beaver.  Danger Inc (go riot grrl).  Crash Cadillacs rocking the stand up bass.  BuzzKills all the fucking way from BFE Hemet.  And I missed a couple good bands because I was too busy drinking Red Stripes with my sister and brother in law.  Rodents of Unusual Size.  Porkchops & Applesauce.  It’s just a fact of science that you can’t be everywhere all the time.

What does any respectable girl drink when she goes to the Doll Hut?  A tall can of PBR, of course!  They’re $6.00.  A little like a dollar too expensive but hey, I’m supporting the local economy, right?  You like my graphic?  It reminds me of how a nice, mellow can of PBR starts the ignition fires up in my nether regions.  Plus, I would love to ensconce myself in Blue Velvet.

Can you smell what i’m drinking?

I had a few, 3 or 4 or 6, Budweiser’s when we got home. 

For fuck’s sake, NO, you say?  Yeah, I pound PBR’s and you’re surprised I go home to Budweiser?  I will have you know it’s the highest in alcohol content of all the domestic and most imported beers.  So there, asshole.  Drink your Miller, drink your Coors.  They’re the same company.

So now you found me out.  I drink a lot.  I try to entertain.  Laugh or i’ll cut you like a  bitch.  Haha, J/K.  Just kidding about J/K.  Figure that one out.