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Out on the Towne (Park Brewery)

September saw the opening of the newest brewery to join the other 13 breweries in Anaheim.  Towne Park Brewery & Taproom is located off Lincoln Avenue, right by the 5 freeway.  The only way they could be in a better location is if they popped up on Katella & Harbor or somewhere along “Lager Palma Brewlouvard” with their crowds.

I’ve been waiting a while for @TowneParkBrew to open.  I heard about their impending arrival onto Anaheim’s craft beer scene sometime around July.  I signed up for their newsletter and at that time their tentative opening was going to be in late August.  I never got one damned email from them and I wouldn’t have known they were in business except that I went to see a friend’s band at the Holiday Lounge in Costa Mesa and the Towne Park IPA was available on tap.  I tried it and I was impressed.  The hops provided a bitter shock to my palette that I have come to love in IPAs.

So one night, I happened to be in Towne Park’s neighborhood at the Doll Hut Studios

and needed a place to continue drinking after Chuy practice.  The Old Man and I headed over to Towne Park and were surprised to find that it was packed.  It was a Wednesday night around 9:30 and the only parking available was handicap.  Luckily I was the only handicap person there so I took that parking faster than Blac Chyna got knocked up by the only male heir to the Kardashian name.

DSC07833Their HQ is huge!  It’s the center of the Towne Park universe where all the brewing, canning, bottling, aging, and tasting happens.  Out in front they’ve got what appears to be a “company car” with this fun license plate.  It’s probably the owners.


I got a few pics of what it looks like behind the scenes in their production area.

Look at all those cans of delicious beer!  Of course, it was dark so the pics could be better but they can give you an idea of just how large their operation is.

Follow the next sign for a good time…


There is a spacious outside seating area that is all lit up and inviting-looking to the outside world.  Inside is a bright, open tasting room with a bar against one wall and tables with chairs spread throughout.

The Menu Board…

DSC07843 (2)

Towne Park offers 8 different beers as well as non-alcoholic beverages.  They also have apparel and glassware merchandise for sale.  They have pretty average prices for everything on the menu with the exception of the $8 IPA.  It only comes in at a 6.7% ABV and the going rate at most breweries for that level of alcohol is $6 ($7 if they’re bougie).

Since I had already tasted the IPA, I took the “doublemint” challenge and went with the Double IPA  DSC07847 that measures a whopping 9%.  I expected it to pack a hoppy punch but I was let down in the worse way.  It didn’t even taste like an IPA, much less a DIPA; it was much too sweet and malty.  I tried to drink it fast to get it over with and that left me feeling like I shouldn’t have another beer that night.  Damn 9%er’s!

So that’s a score of one to one with my Towne Park Brewery experiences.  I’m not sure how to think about them and they definitely deserve a third try.  I will taste their lighter content brews next time.

It could’ve been a bad night but I had such a good time on the outside patio watching all the pugs and pits play and demand attention from their millennial owners that it made up for the overly sweet brew.

There’s a brightly lit marquee sign that advertises the goings-on of the upcoming week.


I like that they’ve got a Trivia night on Wednesday’s.  Wednesday is my traditional day for trivia competitions.  We used to play all the time at BackStreet Brewery until they just didn’t have it anymore.  Sometime I’ll check out Towne Park’s game.  And taco’s on Tuesday?  Who woulda’ thunk?  Wonder if there are veggie selections on the menu?

Overall, I am happy with this new brewery.  I just had a bad experience with the taste of one of their concoctions and I won’t let that stop me from going back and tasting what else they have to offer.  Welcome to Anaheim, #TowneParkBrew!



The self-promoting selfie box (not free btw)


DSC07849 (2)

New kid in Towne


AleSmith Brewing Company

I was in #SanDiego for the weekend with the Old Man and Ck & Carie.  We were brewery-hopping and our second stop was at AleSmith Brewing Company.  Ck & Carie had been to the brewery before but not to this location at 9990 Alesmith Court.

This brewery was gigantic!  There was plenty of seating but most of it was taken up on this particular Sunday afternoon.

AleSmith had partnered with the Girl Scouts to offer a flight of their brews paired with the coinciding cookie to celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.  Of course, I didn’t realize this until after I got in and ordered.  Otherwise, I would’ve tried that flight first.

Come to think of it, there were quite a few things that escaped my attention while I was at the brewery.  A Tony Gwynn museum to start with.  I mean, who is Tony Gwynn really?  Some sports guy?  Well, somewhere inside the massive building is a museum dedicated to Tony Gwynn.  I never saw it.  


Something else I missed was the secret speakeasy-type bar in the back called Anvil & Stave.  They require a password to enter which I saw posted  @AleSmithBrewing.  There you will find barrel-aged brews.  I only found out about the back bar during my research.  But knowing about it makes me want to go back and see it.  Just so I don’t feel left out.  I don’t care if my beer is barrel-aged but I will gladly try some.

We were able to snag a table right after we ordered our beers.dsc03982

I tried the IPA and everybody else got pints of the .394 Pale Ale.  The IPA was 7.25% ABV and the pale ale comes in at 6%.  I enjoyed mine, it tasted piney and like a typical India pale ale.  My mates relished the .394 for it’s light hoppiness.




After we settled in, we saw that there was a photo area with Girl Scout props and background near the entrance.

We took some funny pictures and went back to getting drunk.  I noticed the Girl Scout collaboration because the tasting room was decorated to the hilt with green balloons.  dsc03976

I was so intent on getting a pint that I failed to realize all this when I walked in.  Not sure why the Girl Scout Council is okay with selling cookies at a brewery but not outside of a medical marijuana clinic.  I didn’t ponder it too much.  I even broke down and ended up buying a box of Samoas.  Carie got some Thin Mints, which are my favorite flavor.

AleSmith offers brewery tours for $10 per person which includes a pint glass.  Food trucks make this popular brewery a stop in their weekly routines.  There is a gift shop set up with all kinds of AleSmith branded merchandise.


AleSmith was established in 1995.  I am particularly fond of breweries that came up at the same time that the Old Man and I got established.  This gives them a longevity factor that is evidenced by their popularity.  And they are growing, adding to the existing location in order to accommodate the crowds.


Evidence of the expansion







I will probably go back to AleSmith but next time I will visit the speakeasy and try a flight to get a better sense of the beer they brew.  I will go see the Tony Gwynn museum and take pictures if they are allowed.  This place has so much going on, you can’t just visit once.


Mea Culpa @BackStreetBrew

The other day, I wrote a review of some beers I had enjoyed while I was at the BackStreet Brewery in #Anaheim.  I called one of them, “Sail Away IPA.”  And then today, I come to find out the true name is actually, “Set Sail IPA.”

I just wanted to say to BackStreet that I am sorry I got the name of your beer wrong.  That was sloppy reviewing and I should’ve gotten it right.  Sean told me, “Take notes or you won’t remember anything.”  The good advice went in one ear and out the other with me.  I didn’t bother to take notes and I didn’t remember everything correctly.

So that’s my apology.  This is the only brewbroadblog I will ever do that doesn’t involve drinking of some sort.  And I promise to drink a Set Sail IPA next time I go to BackStreet.  That won’t be difficult because I would anyways!  I can’t wait!

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TGIF & Finish Up with BJ’s

So it was a TGIF kinda Friday afternoon.  If the F stands for Flat Beer. @TGIFridays, you need to clean your taps or something but your Bud Light Draughts are flat.

We were driving home from the old man’s work when we decided to end the Friday with a drink or two.  Fortunately, the Block is on our way home and he asked the question, “TGIFridays or BJ’s?”  We were in the right lane and TGIFridays was on the right so I said to go there.  And how I regret it.

Their happy hour specials include a 20 oz. glass of domestic draught so we got Bud Light, which is not typically what we drink but should come as no surprise to regular readers how it always goes back to the Budweiser.  Plus it was cheap and you know how the old man is.

But I guess that the name TGIF stands for Thank God For Flat Beers because that is what we got.  I have been encountering this a lot in the different bars I frequent…flat beer.  There’s nothing worse.  It’s nasty.  I don’t know what causes it but the beers were perfectly chilled at TGIF so it can’t be the temperature they keep their kegs at.  What causes flat beer?  That is the question to solve.  It’s not like you can tell the bartender, “Hey, your beer is flat.”  You will get blank stares.  “So…do you want something else?”  “No, I want what’s on fucking special and I don’t want it to be flat when you serve it.”  That’s how my conversation would go if I had nuts to back up my talk…but I don’t so I will continue to talk shit on bars that serve flat beer until they get the hint that maybe they are not that crowded because they serve inferior product to their customers.  So there, @TGIFridays!

To my great delight, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery was right across the parking lot so we drove around to celebrate 4:20 and then we headed into @BJsRestaurants nicely toasted.  Their house beers are on special for happy hour so we both had a Jeremiah Red that was malty and delicious.  It was a nice red color too.

We sat at the bar and the bartenders were really attentive and kept asking us if we wanted to try appetizers or anything that was on special for #happyhour.  Since it was close to dinner, we split a mini pizza that ended up being half price for happy hour and an order of fried artichokes with a garlic lemon aioli that was very flavorful and mouthwatering.  It had a lot of lemon taste which went well with the artichoke hearts.

Another Jeremiah Red was in our future so we ordered another round.  Hell yeah for #happyhour!  I went over the list of house beers that BJ’s has and the Red seemed to be the best tasting, highest alcohol content offering they have.  At least for my tastes.  I’m sure there are dissenting opinions on that subject and I am eager to try the other beers to qualify my statements.  The Jeremiah Red weighs in at 7.3% ABV and I could feel it as I was finishing my last beer.

We jammed out of there and hit 7-11 on the way home for the drinking continuity.  We got an 18 pack of PBR that lasted us well into the night.  We were drunk off our asses by 10:00.  Punk Fucking Rock.

A night of PBR bought us to watch Meatballs, a coming of age summer camp story from 1979.  It was freakin awesome.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. It was well-enjoyed with a side of @PabstBlueRibbon.  As Sean pointed out, my generations coming of age movie is Stand By Me.  Meatballs outdates me by about 5 years.  Too bad.  But at least I saw it, that is to say…I’ve seen it.

So the night came to an end.  I watched the first episode of The People Vs. OJ Simpson with On Demand so hopefully I can catch up with real time episodes.  It was fun.  Killing your ex wife and her friend is funny.  We live in a world where it “Just Doesn’t Matter!”


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Backstreet Brewery

I never really knew if this was a legitimate brewery.  The only time I had heard of it in the past was in relation to Lampost Pizza.  It turns out, not only is this a bona fide brewery and they have great beers!  They just happen to make the beer that Lampost Pizza serves.

The location is a bit tucked away in an industrial area but it is very close to the Angels Stadium and the 5 freeway so it’s in a great place.  There are huge empty lots surrounding Backstreet and I think they have been purchased by @Disneyland for expansions of their gentrified kingdom.  I predict that the Backstreet Brewery is going to get as popular and as crowded as @NobleAleWorks is.  The only thing that sucks about the brewery is the parking, there is very little.  And it’s a tiny little industrial complex so there is hardly any street parking.

@BackstreetBrew is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but open for business every other day of the week.  They’ve got a smallish-sized warehouse with the serving area and brewing vats next to each other.  There is a patio out back with picnic tables for hanging out.  They’ve got logo tshirts on display for sale, encouraging you to #drinklocal.

Sean and I went there about 1:30 on a Saturday and it was empty.  Which I like because crowds can sometimes (most of the time) suck.  They were getting ready for a Motocross event they were having later that day so it looked spectacular.

We both tried the Rita Red Ale and it was so tasty, cold, & delicious!  A nice red is my go-to beer at any brewery I visit.  I wanted a second one but I had shit to do that day so I couldn’t linger.  They had a couple other brews that I want to try in the future when I go back.  And I will definitely go back to BackStreet Brewery.  Especially if the BackStreet Boys play their reunion show there.



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Drunk Like A Pirate

Location: Phoenix Club in #Anaheim

Date: January 23rd, 2016

Occasion: Pirate Ball

Pirate Ball: come one, come all!  Last Saturday was the 2nd Annual Piratenball at the Phoenix Club.  I was lucky enough to hear about it ahead of time so we all planned and dressed up and pre-gamed beforehand and then we set ourselves loose on the Ball!

That day also happened to be the very day my sister-in-law, one Miss Olivia Noel, was celebrating her birthday.  A lady never reveals her true age so I don’t know how old she actually turned but i’m sure it’s around 21.  So we all got together at Heather and Paul’s place to have beer and snacks and cake for her birthday, that was a blast.

There was a great selection of beers in the fridge but what did I grab?  A Bud.  That’s right…I’ll stick to my 5% Bud, tried and true.  Ha.  We were there about 2 hours and I had 3 beers.  Everybody except me had shots of Catch Fire, with the excuse that I had been recovering from a case of bronchitis that won’t go away.  I didn’t want to get too drunk ahead of time because I was ready to go all night long.  Catch Fire is the best tasting alternative to FireBall.  It is not as sweet and goes down smoother.  We started out years ago with the FireBall standard and now we all happily enjoy Catch Fire for our Pirate Shots.  Don’t get me wrong, i’ll still drink FireBall any day of the week but I prefer Catch Fire.  If I drank shots at home, it would be Catch Fire shots.  Even though there is half a bottle of FireBall in my freezer.  I’m such a contradiction.

At the Pirate Ball, I traded up for some of the Phoenix Club’s generic Oktoberfest beer.  Damn, it was so good!  Like I mentioned before, I had been sick and I hadn’t been drinking so that fine beer went down like a dyke at a girl scouts meeting.  Gross, btw.  That was the best I could do.  Sorry.

Sean had Kostriker and that was dark and hearty.  I drank a Bitburger for my last beer.  I got so drunk that by 9:00, I was on the dance floor with all the other Pirates.  Sean and I only danced for one song but it was incredibly romantic (queue violins, release the doves).  We never dance because I am hardly ever that inebriated where there is an opportunity.  I’m one of those people that dances at weddings like a fool until I get out of breath, which only takes about 2 minutes.

We ended up finishing our beers and going out to the car to get another oxygen for me.  It seemed like we were gone only 5 minutes but by the time we got back, mostly everyone had left.  We ran into Olivia and Mat and they were on their way out as we were just coming back in.  So, oh well.  We were home safe by 10:30, where we had a couple more beers and then went off to sleepy time.  And I didn’t even wake up hungover the next day!  That’s a good moral.



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I Won Star Munchkin the Double-B Way

The Double-B Way, you ask.  It sounds like an old timey western saloon.  But it means the Becks, Budweiser way.  Which seems to be the combination for an outstanding win of Star Munchkin. #munchkinandbeer #drunkmunchkining



So Wednesday night, Sean and I got together with Ck & Carie,  all three of them better known as:  #barroomjunies  We were all excited to be doing our game night again since we had taken a couple of weeks off for the holiday season.  And the holidays brought a slew of new Munchkin games to try out in the coming months.  I can’t wait!

We started out with a 12 pack of Beck’s.  German quality?  Is it made in Germany?  I don’t know.  I don’t really care.  As long as it gets me drunk.  It tastes pretty decent, too.

Between the four of us, the 12 pack was gone pretty quickly.  Out of necessity, we switched to Budweiser.  It was the same old, water-tasting, 5% Budweiser that i’m used to at home.  But damn, did we pound those things!  Cheap beer is easy to guzzle.  Go #cheapbeer!

I got drunk, Sean got drunk, Ck got drunk, Carie got maybe buzzed (she didn’t drink much).  We all had an awesome time.  We made plans to check out the new @HoparrazziBrewingCo on the 17th.  We also made plans for the Pirate Fest at the Anaheim Phoenix Club on the 23rd  I know we will have a great time at that because we get to dress up in our pirate gear and get drunk right down the street from my house.  Instead of going 45 minutes to the Renaissance Faire, paying $8.50 for one beer, getting almost drunk on those $8.50 beers, and then having to drive another 45 minutes home.  Much better!

Well, another drunk game night under my belt.  #Winning with the double-B’s!  That makes it seem like i’m promoting my breast size, which I am certainly not doing.  Get your drunk mind out of the gutter.


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I Am An Arrogant Bastard

Tonight, on this the 3rd of January in the year of our lord 2016, I was given the privilege of downing not one, but two glorious bottles of @StoneBrewingCo #ArrogantBastardAle.  One was regular style and the second one we drank was of the Oaked variety.  They went down smooth as hell.  What you are looking for in a strong beer.  Sean tasted a little hint of banana peel in the ABA.  Both of the bottles were from the gifting hands of Heather and @paulminick for Christmas.  They were well enjoyed!

@brewbroadblog loves cleaning out the fridge.  We had a 24 oz. bottle of #DubbelAle from @Allagashbrewing in Portland, Maine.  Our friend has been to the Allagash brewery in his travels so we hold it dear to our hearts.  The Allagash was the first place prize from the Halloween Costume Contest that Sean had won with his frog-riding elf man get-up.  It was perfect to follow the harsh flavors of the Stone Arrogant Bastard.  It tasted like a mellow, brown beer with hints of smokiness that I could detect.

Here is a family shot to celebrate all that we have in the new year.  I’m the one with the mustache.

I finished up with Bud, of course, as per usual.  This is a bud, am I drinking it or smoking it?  Maybe a little bit of both.

That’s all I have to report for the night.  Keep drinking beer and other stuff.  Do drugs if you want.  Have a good time all the time.  Because you won’t get nothing when you die.