Burrito @ The Taco Guild

You know how you go into an imported car dealership & end up buying a Ford? That’s how turned around my dinner was. And boy, was i embarrassed!

J/K! I honestly don’t give a shit! My friend, Charles Knox Eichel the 3rd, compared it to going to a steakhouse & ordering fish. But what does he know?

So i had a burrito at the Taco Guild & it was fkn delicious. Spicy & filling, i couldn’t even finish it. It was a veggie burrito and it was stuffed with garden goodness. Full of my daily servings of veggies & protein in the beans. It could’ve been vegan and i wouldn’t have missed the cheese.

And you know what? I would order it again. I would say sayonara to name sake food & dash conventions to the dirt. I would recommend you all do the same. Don’t buy into the flash. Eat your burritos.


One thought on “Burrito @ The Taco Guild

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