AleSmith Brewing Company

I was in #SanDiego for the weekend with the Old Man and Ck & Carie.  We were brewery-hopping and our second stop was at AleSmith Brewing Company.  Ck & Carie had been to the brewery before but not to this location at 9990 Alesmith Court.

This brewery was gigantic!  There was plenty of seating but most of it was taken up on this particular Sunday afternoon.

AleSmith had partnered with the Girl Scouts to offer a flight of their brews paired with the coinciding cookie to celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.  Of course, I didn’t realize this until after I got in and ordered.  Otherwise, I would’ve tried that flight first.

Come to think of it, there were quite a few things that escaped my attention while I was at the brewery.  A Tony Gwynn museum to start with.  I mean, who is Tony Gwynn really?  Some sports guy?  Well, somewhere inside the massive building is a museum dedicated to Tony Gwynn.  I never saw it.  


Something else I missed was the secret speakeasy-type bar in the back called Anvil & Stave.  They require a password to enter which I saw posted  @AleSmithBrewing.  There you will find barrel-aged brews.  I only found out about the back bar during my research.  But knowing about it makes me want to go back and see it.  Just so I don’t feel left out.  I don’t care if my beer is barrel-aged but I will gladly try some.

We were able to snag a table right after we ordered our beers.dsc03982

I tried the IPA and everybody else got pints of the .394 Pale Ale.  The IPA was 7.25% ABV and the pale ale comes in at 6%.  I enjoyed mine, it tasted piney and like a typical India pale ale.  My mates relished the .394 for it’s light hoppiness.




After we settled in, we saw that there was a photo area with Girl Scout props and background near the entrance.

We took some funny pictures and went back to getting drunk.  I noticed the Girl Scout collaboration because the tasting room was decorated to the hilt with green balloons.  dsc03976

I was so intent on getting a pint that I failed to realize all this when I walked in.  Not sure why the Girl Scout Council is okay with selling cookies at a brewery but not outside of a medical marijuana clinic.  I didn’t ponder it too much.  I even broke down and ended up buying a box of Samoas.  Carie got some Thin Mints, which are my favorite flavor.

AleSmith offers brewery tours for $10 per person which includes a pint glass.  Food trucks make this popular brewery a stop in their weekly routines.  There is a gift shop set up with all kinds of AleSmith branded merchandise.


AleSmith was established in 1995.  I am particularly fond of breweries that came up at the same time that the Old Man and I got established.  This gives them a longevity factor that is evidenced by their popularity.  And they are growing, adding to the existing location in order to accommodate the crowds.


Evidence of the expansion







I will probably go back to AleSmith but next time I will visit the speakeasy and try a flight to get a better sense of the beer they brew.  I will go see the Tony Gwynn museum and take pictures if they are allowed.  This place has so much going on, you can’t just visit once.


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