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Sequoia Brewing Company

I got to @SequoiaBrewCo in #Fresno just before happy hour was over.  The happy hour lasts from 3:00 to 6:00 on weekdays and we were seated and ordering at 5:45.  We had just been on the road for 5 hours and we were ready for those $3.50 beers.

Sequoia Brewing Company is a gastropub in a somewhat small building in the Tower District of Fresno, CA.  They serve beer brewed on site and food that runs the gamut from yummy appetizers to full-course dinners.  There are tables and booths and an outside seating area as well as a bar you can cozy up to, if it’s not too crowded.


When we got there, it was pretty crowded because it was #happyhour on a Friday evening, it cleared up when 6:00 had come and gone.


The first beer I had was a Sequoia Pale Ale.  It is a 5.7% smooth ale with light hops and a little nutty tasting.  The old man tried a General Sherman IPA, a whopper at 7.5% ABV.  He found the taste to be similar to hops in a pine box.  It was a little sweet at first with a smell like a humidor.  We also ordered deep-fried pretzel bites that came with a flavorful mustard sauce.  They were delectable.  They tasted like hot dogs from being in the fryer.  That might sound weird, but it was a familiar taste – then mixed with the mustard, it was awesome.  It was a good deep-fried experience.

At 5:55, we were asking our waiter to order us another round before happy hour was over.  We both tried the Big Horn Red IPA.   It is mild tasting for an IPA but looks good at 7.2%.  It was smooth, roasted malty flavored with a clean and dry finish.

We also were hungry after being on the road so long.  We ordered a small cheese pizza to split and I was excited to eat once it came.  But it was not so good.  Maybe with toppings or meat, it is better.  But we were not impressed with the pizza.  I’ve had better pizza off of a food truck.  That didn’t stop the old man from finishing it.

Sequoia Brewing Company has 18 beers on tap and I’ve only delved into 3 of them.  There are plenty more to be had. I have found that the IPAs in Central and Northern California breweries are a bit lighter than they are down in Southern CA (with the exception of Sierra Nevada).  That’s why I love going to the different breweries in different towns I visit or pass through.  I get to try new flavors and experiment with my taste buds.


There is merchandise you can buy, such as tee shirts.


You can purchase growlers and 22oz bottles, too.


They have an awesome, nature-inspired décor that I like, but I had a little bit too much of the dead deer heads and asses.


Sequoia Brewing has a philosophy: #DrinkLocal Eat Local and I couldn’t agree more.  Like the saying over the door reminds us, try to branch out and visit as many of these awesome gastropub/breweries as you can while they are still around.  I won’t turn my nose up at a Budweiser, but i’d prefer to drink locally crafted beers any day of the week.



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