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The Wonder of Drinking at Con – LA Style

The WonderCon 2016 was last weekend, Easter weekend to be precise.  And, holy shit, did i have a good time?  Only if Superman’s cape is red.  For the last 3 years, WonderCon has been at the #Anaheim Convention Center and i loved it there.  So close to home, so many secret free parking spaces.  But this year, it was at the #LA Convention Center at a complex called LA Live.  Not only is the convention center there, but the Staples Center and the Microsoft Theatre also call those couple of blocks home.  Needless to say, with the Lakers, Kings, and Clippers all sporting it up, LA Live was a crowded place Easter Weekend.


The first night, Friday, we didn’t slum up to any bar we could.  We walked around, ate, walked around, and finally left for the hotel room’s safety and comfort.  So in true BrewBroad fashion, i drank a handful of Heineken’s that CK and Carie had bought.  By the end of the night, between the 4 of us, we had polished off a 24 pack.  It was awesome.  We giggled into the night and finally went to bed sometime around 11:30.


The first full day was Saturday.  We got an early start.  We went to one panel, went to get some stuff signed for CK, ate and decided it was time to imbibe.  Well, we came, we imbibed, we conquered…to say the least.

At first, we headed towards the Hooters that is across Figueroa.  There was a half hour wait.  Fuggetaboutit.  There was a bar next door with no where handicap accessible to sit so we shined on that one too.  We walked around…beerless…wandering the streets of downtown Los Angeles looking for shelter in the storm.

I don’t know who, but someone came up with the brilliant idea to head back towards LA Live and the Staples Center.  We were sure to find beer there.  A Yard House was close by.  Surely, they would fill our cups.  But on the way, we discovered a little (actually big) restaurant/bar called Tom’s Urban.


Not only did they have room for us, they had an extensive beer menu.  We found an empty table we could sit and where i could park my wheelchair and ordered our drinks.  The old man convinced me to order a #Pabst in the extra large glass (33 ounces!) so i did.  CK and Carie ordered pints of Stella.  Despite my white trash choice of beer, i also noticed they had a bunch of #craftbeer on tap.  Very impressive!

The also have wonderful vegetarian appetizers.  We were going to get something to munch on, then we didn’t.  We just devoted ourselves to our beers.  The entrees they offer are totally left to the carnivores but the pita with hummus, the arugula salad, and the fries done two ways are all safe for the kinder folk.

So, eventually, we finished our beers.  We all ended up ordering another round of pints of our chosen refreshments.  But then it was time to go.  We said, “Adios, mother fuckers” and got the hell out of there.


Back to the convention.  We walked around.  I got the Walking Dead Compendium 3 and 2 Funko Pop Vinyl figures.  Sean got a shit load of $5 comics.  CK got some Munchkin expansion packs.  Carie got…IDK.  What did she get?  Carie waited until the last day, when the bargains were abundunt, to get a Chollo Cat shirt and a Hairball Apocalypse Comic about when the cats take over the world.

Then we got the munchies.  So back to the food trucks and our last meal of the day.  If we had known it was going to be our last, we would’ve eaten more.  All we had was fries.

So when we went back to the hotel room soon after eating, all we could do was mix rum drinks and get drunk all over again.  CK and Carie had the foresight to bring juice and Kraken Rum.  We each had a few drinks, except the old man.  He was feeling like a pussy.  But by 9:30, i was getting ready for bed.  I was exhausted.


On the last day of the con, Sunday, we also got there early in the day.  We split up then found our way back together to pace up and down the aisles on the exhibit floor.  We tried to go to the Nerdist panel but opted out when we saw they were metal detecting everyone going in.  Fuck that shit.  Chris Hardwick isn’t worth it.


So we found ourselves back at Tom’s Urban before noon this time.  We cozied up to the bar and ordered the same cheap drinks we had ordered the day before.  A 33 ouncer for Sean and i and pints of imported beer for CK and Carie.  It was fun, we drank and then said our goodbyes. We were con-bound for the rest of the day but they had to get to a family obligation.

The old man and i were on our own.  We walked the back way of the Microsoft Theatre and smoked a little vape.  And who should show up?  CK and Carie.  Fantastic.  We smoked together, then said, “Hasta la vista, bitches.”  Alone again, we started walking towards the common area and it was just in time.  A cop cruised by with a bomb sniffing dog.  Sean predicted that the dog would react at the site of our vaping to the leftover smell so we turned around to watch.  And god-damnit, did that dog not turn to where we had just been not once, but twice to check it.  Shit.  I don’t have a good record with sniffing dogs.


We stayed buzzed the rest of the day as we walked all over the exhibit floor multiple times.  Up and down those aisles.  Weaving in and out.  Finally, the convention-closing panel for talk back happened and we spoke our piece and then got the fuck out.

From now on, whenever i go to the Staples Center, or LA Live, i will drink at Tom’s Urban.  Nevermind the places with familiar sounding names, like Yard House and Hooters.  They are always too crowded because everyone knows them so everyone goes there.  Sober conventions?  Never.  Buzzed participation?  Always.





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