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Highly Bottle Logical

Friday fucking night!  Woo Hoo!  I spent mine getting drunk at @BottleLogicBrew, how ’bout you?

Seriously though, I had a great time at Bottle Logic tonight.  We met up because Brandie @artdesignloveme was  in the OC for the day.  She ate at the Tustin Hole Mole and then met us at Bottle Logic in #Anaheim.  Carie was there too and in absentia was Ck  Chuy Freakin’ Poluka @ FB

I started off with a She Shot First. A light, wheaty beer with a mellow flavor.  I’m used to it, I drink it everytime I come to Bottle Logic.  It’s wonderful.  It goes down smooth and you can finish a lot of them in one night.  Although the alcohol content is a 5.something%, it seems to pack a punch.  Especially after 3 of them.  Haha.


Sean started off with a Rubidium, a red IPA, which I had heard about and wanted to try.  But I guess it was good because by the time I could ask for a sip, he had finished it.  A nice red beer is always our go-to for breweries we don’t know so it was cool for Sean to be able to try a red from an established brewery that we know and love.


I stuck with She Shot First because that’s just the type of girl I am.  But the old man and Brandie ventured off to try the spiced saison, Tattered Prince.  It is delicious, I have had it before so I know of what I speak.  Apparently, they agreed….The Tattered Prince is good.


Carie drank some kind of dark beer the whole night and I regret the fact that I did not either sample her beer nor ask her what in the fuck it was. Carie is a mysterious kind of woman.


It was on and off crowded at Bottle Logic tonight.  There would be a line to order and then 10 minutes later, the line would be gone.  But then it packed right up again.  The curse of Friday night drinking!

There is a back section that is usually open for people and when we first got there, it was closed.  They were busy brewing or something like that.  Anyways, it was super crowded and then they finally opened up the back section.  It stayed crowded all night.

There was the Buffalo food truck outside so we had Garlic Fries for dinner.  Brandie had the tater tot nachos.   Glad they had choices for vegetarians.

I had wished @hoparazzibrew were open tonight.  I would’ve liked to have introduced my friends to their #sourbeer that is so tasty.  Especially the Chocolate Cherry Tarte….in my dreams.


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