Mea Culpa @BackStreetBrew

The other day, I wrote a review of some beers I had enjoyed while I was at the BackStreet Brewery in #Anaheim.  I called one of them, “Sail Away IPA.”  And then today, I come to find out the true name is actually, “Set Sail IPA.”

I just wanted to say to BackStreet that I am sorry I got the name of your beer wrong.  That was sloppy reviewing and I should’ve gotten it right.  Sean told me, “Take notes or you won’t remember anything.”  The good advice went in one ear and out the other with me.  I didn’t bother to take notes and I didn’t remember everything correctly.

So that’s my apology.  This is the only brewbroadblog I will ever do that doesn’t involve drinking of some sort.  And I promise to drink a Set Sail IPA next time I go to BackStreet.  That won’t be difficult because I would anyways!  I can’t wait!


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