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Back to @BackStreetBrew

I’ve been here before and reviewed them kindly as well.  What can I say that I didn’t say the first time?  It still looks the same.  The beer was just so tasty that I had to go back and try more.

This time, I had a Jagged Little Pilsner which blew me away with the flavor in it.  Some pilsners don’t taste that strong but this one had a great forward taste and malty notes.  The old man had a Sail Away IPA.  Next time I go back to @BackStreetBrew i’m going to have one of those.  I just had a sip of his but it was so good.  It was mellow with the hops and a bit piney but really delicious!  It was pretty light in color which surprised me but it was definitely not light on flavor.


#drinklocal @backstreetbrew in #Anaheim

So here’s a picture of me that the old man took, enjoying my Jagged Little Pilsner, with the construction beams behind me.  The vacant lots near BackStreet are slowly transforming behind their white walls.  Soon, something will be there that wasn’t before and it will probably bring a lot of tourists and locals alike to BackStreet Brewery.

I do have a couple of things that I didn’t cover in my first review that i’d like to in this one.  So…Wednesday nights from 8:00 to 9:30, they have Trivia Night.  I love trivia and I can’t wait to grab my friend @paulminick for a round of beers and questions.

There is a basket on the bar that has flyers in it for local, upcoming events.  One that I want to mention is the Firkfest happening at Farmer’s Park in #Anaheim on Saturday, March 19th, 2016.  It is a cask beer festival and it looks like it will be fantastic.  It’s the 3rd year and hopefully word will get out to attract a ton of drunks.  For more info, visit the website: Firkfest 2016 or hit up their FB page at Firkfest FB.

The bartender was a really cool guy, I didn’t catch his name but he was very knowledgeable.  He was telling some people at the bar all about the brewing process and he knew quite a bit of information.  I think some girl actually took notes?  Funny.

Well there you have it, my second review of @BackStreetBrew.  I will be visiting them many times in the future!  BackStreet’s back…all right!



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