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Phantom Ales

Phantom Ales & Homebrew Shop has undergone a lot of changes since I’ve been there last, which, I admit, is quite some time.  However, I am happy with their current arrangement.

On their Twitter page, they identify as: “Brewery,  Winery,  Cidery, and Restaurant.  What more could you possibly want?”  They don’t lie, they are all these things and they do them well.


So I got a 5% Kona Coffee Lager that tasted just like alcoholic iced coffee except it was delicious!  The coffee notes were very stong and there was a somewhat bitter aftertaste.  But I enjoyed every sip so much, I had two.  The old man and Carie both got the Belgian Dubbel.  It is a brown beer that is tasty and mellow but weighs in with a not-too-shabby 7.5%.  Sean drank two but Carie stuck with one because she ordered bacon fries from the kitchen and they were so huge, it took her a while to finish them.  I was jealous of Ck’s choice after I sampled it.  He got the 13% Sour Cherry Mead.  It was not too sour, just the right amount, with some great sweetness in there for good measure.  Ck also ordered the deep fried hotdog and it was towering with toppings.  He couldn’t even finish it.  So I was really impressed with the food from their kitchen.  They even have a grilled cheese sandwich that is vegetarian-friendly.


Here’s a picture of the tap room @PhantomAles.  That’s the old man with his middle finger salute to everyone who see’s this picture.  Nice of him, huh?

Phantom is a great, small brewery that offers a wide variety of alcoholic treats to sample.  If you get hungry, then order from the kitchen.  They bring it out to you so there is no need to go outside to a food truck.  Enjoy your beers and eat at the same time!  I like Phantom when Bottle Logic is too crowded and that’s usually the time when I go visit them.  Other folks in the taproom were also there on Sunday seeking shelter from the madness of BL and the commencement of the #weekoflogic.

I’ll be back here for sure.  Their menu is always changing and I like that a lot.  It’s a chance to sample some beers or ciders you would never normally get to try.  If I homebrewed, I would be in heaven that there is a homebrew supply shop so close to me in #Anaheim.


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Old Orange Brewing Co.

DSC09068@OldOrangeBrewCo has been around for a couple of years now but I haven’t recently visited this great brewery until last Friday night. I heard on twitter that they were offering $3.00 Blonde Lagers. I was hooked immediately. I told Sean, “We are going there tonight!”

We arrived around 7:30 to find that the brewery’s look has changed somewhat. There were about 6 or 8 customers in there sitting at various tables and at the bar. The bartender poured us two inviting glasses of Blonde Lager, which comes in at 5%, and I opened a tab. With half price #craftbeer, who can go wrong?

The first thing I noticed that was different about Old Orange Brewing Co. was the couch they have put in along the wall where picnic tables used to be. There are still picnic tables but just 2 of them. There is a lot of seating for when the crowds pack in at OOBC.

Another new addition is the barrel of shelled peanuts. You can grab a bowl full of peanuts and an empty bowl for shells and you’re set for the night! There was also a good selection of table games you could borrow.

Their Blonde Lager used to be called Backseat Blonde I recall. Not sure why that changed. Their hours are very limited. They are only open Fridays, and both weekend days according to Yelp. But the Friday night that I was there, they stayed open until 9:00. The bartender was friendly enough to let us finish our last beers even though we stayed past closing time. I like that kind of “going the extra mile” attitude of this brewery.


The Blond Lager went down smooth and easily, I think I might’ve had 4 or 5 of them myself!  Their menu selection is diverse and pretty much covers the spectrum for flavors of beer one would expect from a craft brewery like Old Orange.  There’s a few IPAs, a Saison, even a Barley Wine.  Something for everyone!

I will definitely be visiting Old Orange Brewing Co. in the future.  It’s only about a five minute drive from my house so that just increases the likelihood that i’ll go back.  Too bad they are not open more hours.  Make a reminder for yourself to come check this brewery out on the weekends when they are open…it’s worth it!


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Highly Bottle Logical

Friday fucking night!  Woo Hoo!  I spent mine getting drunk at @BottleLogicBrew, how ’bout you?

Seriously though, I had a great time at Bottle Logic tonight.  We met up because Brandie @artdesignloveme was  in the OC for the day.  She ate at the Tustin Hole Mole and then met us at Bottle Logic in #Anaheim.  Carie was there too and in absentia was Ck  Chuy Freakin’ Poluka @ FB

I started off with a She Shot First. A light, wheaty beer with a mellow flavor.  I’m used to it, I drink it everytime I come to Bottle Logic.  It’s wonderful.  It goes down smooth and you can finish a lot of them in one night.  Although the alcohol content is a 5.something%, it seems to pack a punch.  Especially after 3 of them.  Haha.


Sean started off with a Rubidium, a red IPA, which I had heard about and wanted to try.  But I guess it was good because by the time I could ask for a sip, he had finished it.  A nice red beer is always our go-to for breweries we don’t know so it was cool for Sean to be able to try a red from an established brewery that we know and love.


I stuck with She Shot First because that’s just the type of girl I am.  But the old man and Brandie ventured off to try the spiced saison, Tattered Prince.  It is delicious, I have had it before so I know of what I speak.  Apparently, they agreed….The Tattered Prince is good.


Carie drank some kind of dark beer the whole night and I regret the fact that I did not either sample her beer nor ask her what in the fuck it was. Carie is a mysterious kind of woman.


It was on and off crowded at Bottle Logic tonight.  There would be a line to order and then 10 minutes later, the line would be gone.  But then it packed right up again.  The curse of Friday night drinking!

There is a back section that is usually open for people and when we first got there, it was closed.  They were busy brewing or something like that.  Anyways, it was super crowded and then they finally opened up the back section.  It stayed crowded all night.

There was the Buffalo food truck outside so we had Garlic Fries for dinner.  Brandie had the tater tot nachos.   Glad they had choices for vegetarians.

I had wished @hoparazzibrew were open tonight.  I would’ve liked to have introduced my friends to their #sourbeer that is so tasty.  Especially the Chocolate Cherry Tarte….in my dreams.


Mea Culpa @BackStreetBrew

The other day, I wrote a review of some beers I had enjoyed while I was at the BackStreet Brewery in #Anaheim.  I called one of them, “Sail Away IPA.”  And then today, I come to find out the true name is actually, “Set Sail IPA.”

I just wanted to say to BackStreet that I am sorry I got the name of your beer wrong.  That was sloppy reviewing and I should’ve gotten it right.  Sean told me, “Take notes or you won’t remember anything.”  The good advice went in one ear and out the other with me.  I didn’t bother to take notes and I didn’t remember everything correctly.

So that’s my apology.  This is the only brewbroadblog I will ever do that doesn’t involve drinking of some sort.  And I promise to drink a Set Sail IPA next time I go to BackStreet.  That won’t be difficult because I would anyways!  I can’t wait!

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#winning is not everything…what?

Another #GameNight has come and gone.  We had it on a Wednesday this week because Ck has to fly to Fort Lauderdale for work Thursday morning at 6:30.  I hope he enjoys that overcast and humid 80 degree weather they’re having there in Florida.

We started out with Becks for Sean & I and Heinekens for Ck & Carie.  We had dinner, Carie made cheeseburgers with Morningstar Farms Grillers for us with chips on the side.  She spoils us too much.  Ck is a lucky man.

Throughout the night, I just kept drinking more and more Becks.  Actually, everyone kept drinking more and more.  Becks and Heinekens were being had by all.  Pretty soon, we were all 3 sheets and loving it.


So this round, we played the Conan Munchkin set with the Munchkin #4 expansion, Need For Steed, mixed in.  It was a ton of fun.  Except I didn’t win.  I came so damn close.  It’s been months since I’ve gotten a taste of the high life and I could’ve used it last night.

          +                =          

So much for the adage that #winning isn’t everything.  Whoever said that is a loser.  I said that tonight and I lost.  See what can happen to you?  It is a scientific fact that the more I am losing in Munchkin, the more I will drink in beer.  So i’m actually do the economy a favor.

But, hey, on the brighter side…it’s fun and good to drink beers all the time wherever you go and whatever you do.  Instead of an iced tea, get a Blue Moon on draft.  As long as it’s not flat, it’ll cure whatever ails ya.  Just make sure they put that god damned orange slice on your beer!


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Back to @BackStreetBrew

I’ve been here before and reviewed them kindly as well.  What can I say that I didn’t say the first time?  It still looks the same.  The beer was just so tasty that I had to go back and try more.

This time, I had a Jagged Little Pilsner which blew me away with the flavor in it.  Some pilsners don’t taste that strong but this one had a great forward taste and malty notes.  The old man had a Sail Away IPA.  Next time I go back to @BackStreetBrew i’m going to have one of those.  I just had a sip of his but it was so good.  It was mellow with the hops and a bit piney but really delicious!  It was pretty light in color which surprised me but it was definitely not light on flavor.


#drinklocal @backstreetbrew in #Anaheim

So here’s a picture of me that the old man took, enjoying my Jagged Little Pilsner, with the construction beams behind me.  The vacant lots near BackStreet are slowly transforming behind their white walls.  Soon, something will be there that wasn’t before and it will probably bring a lot of tourists and locals alike to BackStreet Brewery.

I do have a couple of things that I didn’t cover in my first review that i’d like to in this one.  So…Wednesday nights from 8:00 to 9:30, they have Trivia Night.  I love trivia and I can’t wait to grab my friend @paulminick for a round of beers and questions.

There is a basket on the bar that has flyers in it for local, upcoming events.  One that I want to mention is the Firkfest happening at Farmer’s Park in #Anaheim on Saturday, March 19th, 2016.  It is a cask beer festival and it looks like it will be fantastic.  It’s the 3rd year and hopefully word will get out to attract a ton of drunks.  For more info, visit the website: Firkfest 2016 or hit up their FB page at Firkfest FB.

The bartender was a really cool guy, I didn’t catch his name but he was very knowledgeable.  He was telling some people at the bar all about the brewing process and he knew quite a bit of information.  I think some girl actually took notes?  Funny.

Well there you have it, my second review of @BackStreetBrew.  I will be visiting them many times in the future!  BackStreet’s back…all right!


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TGIF & Finish Up with BJ’s

So it was a TGIF kinda Friday afternoon.  If the F stands for Flat Beer. @TGIFridays, you need to clean your taps or something but your Bud Light Draughts are flat.

We were driving home from the old man’s work when we decided to end the Friday with a drink or two.  Fortunately, the Block is on our way home and he asked the question, “TGIFridays or BJ’s?”  We were in the right lane and TGIFridays was on the right so I said to go there.  And how I regret it.

Their happy hour specials include a 20 oz. glass of domestic draught so we got Bud Light, which is not typically what we drink but should come as no surprise to regular readers how it always goes back to the Budweiser.  Plus it was cheap and you know how the old man is.

But I guess that the name TGIF stands for Thank God For Flat Beers because that is what we got.  I have been encountering this a lot in the different bars I frequent…flat beer.  There’s nothing worse.  It’s nasty.  I don’t know what causes it but the beers were perfectly chilled at TGIF so it can’t be the temperature they keep their kegs at.  What causes flat beer?  That is the question to solve.  It’s not like you can tell the bartender, “Hey, your beer is flat.”  You will get blank stares.  “So…do you want something else?”  “No, I want what’s on fucking special and I don’t want it to be flat when you serve it.”  That’s how my conversation would go if I had nuts to back up my talk…but I don’t so I will continue to talk shit on bars that serve flat beer until they get the hint that maybe they are not that crowded because they serve inferior product to their customers.  So there, @TGIFridays!

To my great delight, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery was right across the parking lot so we drove around to celebrate 4:20 and then we headed into @BJsRestaurants nicely toasted.  Their house beers are on special for happy hour so we both had a Jeremiah Red that was malty and delicious.  It was a nice red color too.

We sat at the bar and the bartenders were really attentive and kept asking us if we wanted to try appetizers or anything that was on special for #happyhour.  Since it was close to dinner, we split a mini pizza that ended up being half price for happy hour and an order of fried artichokes with a garlic lemon aioli that was very flavorful and mouthwatering.  It had a lot of lemon taste which went well with the artichoke hearts.

Another Jeremiah Red was in our future so we ordered another round.  Hell yeah for #happyhour!  I went over the list of house beers that BJ’s has and the Red seemed to be the best tasting, highest alcohol content offering they have.  At least for my tastes.  I’m sure there are dissenting opinions on that subject and I am eager to try the other beers to qualify my statements.  The Jeremiah Red weighs in at 7.3% ABV and I could feel it as I was finishing my last beer.

We jammed out of there and hit 7-11 on the way home for the drinking continuity.  We got an 18 pack of PBR that lasted us well into the night.  We were drunk off our asses by 10:00.  Punk Fucking Rock.

A night of PBR bought us to watch Meatballs, a coming of age summer camp story from 1979.  It was freakin awesome.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. It was well-enjoyed with a side of @PabstBlueRibbon.  As Sean pointed out, my generations coming of age movie is Stand By Me.  Meatballs outdates me by about 5 years.  Too bad.  But at least I saw it, that is to say…I’ve seen it.

So the night came to an end.  I watched the first episode of The People Vs. OJ Simpson with On Demand so hopefully I can catch up with real time episodes.  It was fun.  Killing your ex wife and her friend is funny.  We live in a world where it “Just Doesn’t Matter!”