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It Was A Dark & Rainy Night…

I had to do it.  I just had to go back.  I am so in love with @goldenroadbrew that I could not resist visiting again and sampling some more of their delicious brews.

It had been a busy day and Sean and I were exhausted after visiting his pops at the UCI Burn Unit.  So since it was on the way home, we decided to stop in to Golden Road.  It indeed was a dark and rainy night and at first, we thought the tasting room was closed.  But there were cars in the lot and asses on the seats inside so we ventured in.

This time, I was in the mood for something light so I tried the 329 Lager.  It was so tasty and refreshing.  It is a true lager and it went down so smooth.  Sean had a pint of the Get Up Offa That Brown and he loved it.  I have had that before at the LA location and I loved it also.  It’s a deep brown color and has a perfect mix of caramel taste with dark beer.  Golden Road has a bunch of IPA’s that I can’t wait to try.

Golden Road has plans for expansion and I don’t think it will be recognizable when they are done.  They are adding a restaurant and i’m not sure what will become of the current tasting room but they are bound to get bigger.  I’m glad they are going big because they are anticipating a massive influx of customers once word gets out about this place.  Other breweries in the area already have that massive influx and they refuse to move to a bigger location.

The prices at Golden Road are a little bit more than i’d like to pay for beer.  The first time I went, the total was $14.50 for 2 beers.  Crazy!  This time, the price was a more reasonable $10.50 but the beers were also not that high of alcohol content.  The 329 Lager is only 4.8% and the Get Up Offa That Brown is 5.5%.  So I would like to see their prices come down but overall, I love this place and I will be back to try all their samplings!



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