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Backstreet Brewery

I never really knew if this was a legitimate brewery.  The only time I had heard of it in the past was in relation to Lampost Pizza.  It turns out, not only is this a bona fide brewery and they have great beers!  They just happen to make the beer that Lampost Pizza serves.

The location is a bit tucked away in an industrial area but it is very close to the Angels Stadium and the 5 freeway so it’s in a great place.  There are huge empty lots surrounding Backstreet and I think they have been purchased by @Disneyland for expansions of their gentrified kingdom.  I predict that the Backstreet Brewery is going to get as popular and as crowded as @NobleAleWorks is.  The only thing that sucks about the brewery is the parking, there is very little.  And it’s a tiny little industrial complex so there is hardly any street parking.

@BackstreetBrew is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but open for business every other day of the week.  They’ve got a smallish-sized warehouse with the serving area and brewing vats next to each other.  There is a patio out back with picnic tables for hanging out.  They’ve got logo tshirts on display for sale, encouraging you to #drinklocal.

Sean and I went there about 1:30 on a Saturday and it was empty.  Which I like because crowds can sometimes (most of the time) suck.  They were getting ready for a Motocross event they were having later that day so it looked spectacular.

We both tried the Rita Red Ale and it was so tasty, cold, & delicious!  A nice red is my go-to beer at any brewery I visit.  I wanted a second one but I had shit to do that day so I couldn’t linger.  They had a couple other brews that I want to try in the future when I go back.  And I will definitely go back to BackStreet Brewery.  Especially if the BackStreet Boys play their reunion show there.




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