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A Red Trolley Christmas


So it was Christmas day with Sean’s family…again.  And it was the best Christmas ever!  Candice and Tyler came all the way from Rawlins, WY to visit with their wonderful daughter, Cheyenne.  She is about two and a half.

There were can Coronas in the fridge.  And Blue Moons.  But my eyes lit up when I saw the @Karlstraussbeer  Red Trolley Ale.  I got nice and buzzed the whole afternoon on a few of those.  I always have a fond place in my heart for Red Trolley Ale because it is named after the trolley cars in San Diego, CA.  Sean and I would always go to the big Comic Con every year and we always visited the Karl Strauss Brewery.  They have tasty veggie burgers and a few other vegetarian options.  #veggieforlife

Cheyenne was amazed by Santa Sean.  She didn’t even realize they were the same people.  Amazing.  Magical and beautiful.  And she wasn’t even the buzzed one.

Merry Christmas 2015 to y’all!